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LM-Activator™ article series

Meet the professionals

Stefania Dinu

What are the primary advantages of using the LM-Activator™ compared to other orthodontic methods, and how does it contribute to the long-term dental health of children?

I consider that LM-Activators™ are the appliances that can change the lives of our children, because you can start from a very early age. In childhood the results are stable in time if you are using these kind of appliances. The changes seen in the smiles of our children and their profile are important for self-confidence and from a psychological point of view, I think it’s very important to start from an early age.

Eruption guidance appliances will make space for the permanent teeth and will also equilibrate and restore the functions. After the primary and mixed dentition, the permanent teeth are growing straight and developing beautiful smiles. I have been interested in early treatment in orthodontics since I was an undergraduate, and after that I continued working in the field. I’ve been working for 17 years now with this kind of appliances in orthodontics.

Stefania Dinu, Romania, Lecturer DMD, PhD.  Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontist since 2009, Pediatric dentist since 2017