Choosing the model


General steps on HOW TO CHOOSE the LM-Activator™ model

The steps below provide some general basic guidelines on choosing the right LM-Activator™ appliance for the patient. It is solely the responsibility of the treating doctor to evaluate and determine which model is best suitable for the individual patient.

The LM-Activator™ model features are: LOW and HIGH. These are available with shorter or longer molar sections: SHORT and LONG. The models are combinations of these features. All the LM-Activator™ 2 models are available also for two arch widths: NARROW or WIDE. Also REINFORCED model with hard insert in the incisal area is available. The choice of model should always be based on an examination and diagnosis done by or under supervision of a specialist in orthodontic treatment.
Is the malocclusion type excess overjet, excess overbite/deep bite, anterior crowding, dentoalveolar anterior crossbite, rotated anterior teeth, Class II, Scissor bite / Complete mandibular posterior lingual crossbite or gummy smile?
Is the facial type Neutral or Short face?
Choose LOW model.
Is the malocclusion type anterior open bite?
Is the facial type Long face?
Choose HIGH model

Growth patterns / Facial types

  • LOW angle: Short face, Hypodivergent, Brachyfacial
  • Neutral angle: Neutral growth pattern, Mesofacial
  • HIGH angle: Long face, Hyperdivergent, Dolichofacial
Have the permanent second molars erupted?
Choose SHORT model.
Have the permanent second molars erupted?
Yes or erupting soon.
Choose LONG model.
Dental arch width Narrow or Regular
Choose Narrow model.
Dental arch width Wide.
Choose Wide model.
Option: Is reinforcement needed in incisal area?
Choose Reinforced model.

The treating doctor is solely responsible and liable for diagnosis, treatment, and evaluating whether treatment with LM-Activator™, LM-Trainer™ or any other LM-Dental™’s product is appropriate for a specific patient, and for the outcome of any treatment with LM-Activator™, LM-Trainer™ or any other LM-Dental™’s product. Product used, and use of products shall be determined solely by doctor and evaluated for use with each individual patient where appropriate. Please refer to manufacturer’s instructions for use.

See the video “Guidelines on how to choose the model”