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Within this “Start treating” section of LM-Activator™, where you’ll find all the essential information needed to start your journey with our products. Whether you’re a newcomer to LM-Activator™ or seeking guidance on how to get started, this page is thoughtfully designed to equip you with instructions and helpful links. Explore the resources provided below to kick-start your experience with LM-Activator™.

Evaluation and analysis of characteristics

Evaluating the dentoalveolar, skeletal and functional characteristics is an essential part of selecting patients for LM-Activator™ treatment. A thorough case-by case analysis of the patient’s malocclusion and its severity is needed.  The indications table will guide you in the case selection.

Based on this analysis it is easy to select the model of LM-Activator™. Use LM-OrthoSizer™ to get an indication of the size and fit the appliance to the patient to ensure a good fit. 

It is important to analyze the motivation of the patient and the parents as patient compliance is essential for successful treatment. The dental professionals have a decisive role not only in instructing and guiding but also in motivating the patients and the parents in the use.   

What can be treated?

LM-Activator™ is suitable for treating typical malocclusions: excess Overbite or Deep bite, excess Overjet, Open bite, Crowding, anterior Crossbite, and Class II or Class II tendency.

How to treat with

Selecting the right size is just as important as choosing the model. The size is the base for a correct fit of the application in the mouth.

Support materials for child patients and parents

Patient compliance is essential for successful treatment. The first month is crucial in adopting the habit to
use the appliance. The dental professionals at the clinic have an important role in instructing and motivating the patient and the family in the use. It is important to make sure the parents understand that irregular use may be equivalent with no treatment at all.

We offer motivational support material for the both the patient and the parents.  

Parental guidance and support are always essential when treating young patients with removable appliances, particularly at the beginning of the treatment.

Katri Keski-Nisula, et al. Orthodontic intervention in the early mixed dentition: A prospective, controlled study on the effects of the eruption guidance appliance. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, February 2008

Motivational support material for the child patients

LM-Activator™ Patient guidance “How to use LM-Activator™”

The brochure is given to the patient at the start of treatment when giving the first appliance. Instructions in the use of LM-Activator™ are presented in a simple way supported by descriptive cartoon figures. The doctor can add short instructions in written.  The patient is guided to fill in the “Chart of use” and bring it to the next follow-up appointment to track the use.

LM-Activator™ patient motivation poster with stickers
This poster is favoured especially by the young patients who love to glue the colourful diamond stickers on the path showing that they have used the appliance during the night (path marked with the moon), and during the day (path marked with the sun), as instructed by the doctor. The patient is instructed to bring the poster to the next follow-up appointment to track the use.

Informative support material for the parents

LM-Activator™ Clinic brochure “Growing happy smiles”

General information about LM-Activator™, how it works, how it is used and benefits of the treatment are presented for parents in this informative leaflet.

LM-Activator™ Clinic Poster
The clinic poster can be used for informing parents and patients about LM-Activator™ in a waiting room at a dental clinic.

LM-Activator™ silicone activator and aligner – Clinic video

This video is intended to be shown on a screen at a dental clinic introducing LM-Activator™ to the parents.

It is also suitable as a general promotional video to raise interest and awareness in the early orthodontic treatment method at events.

Courses and events

We organize different kinds of training courses from webinars, interactive online courses to local and international hands-on training courses to tell more about Early orthodontic treatment and the use of LM-Activator™.

We are exhibiting at congresses and exhibitions in orthodontics and in paediatric dentistry around the world.

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