My LM-Activator™

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A renowned and clinically proven appliance with two decades of history in early orthodontic treatment, is now available as a new and enhanced product line: meet My LM-Activator™ by LM-Dental™.

My LM-Activator™ is a prefabricated silicone aligner for growing happy smiles: easy to use, gently supporting healthy and natural growth of the face and jaw. The ideal time for treatment is in early mixed dentition, as research indicates that malocclusions in deciduous dentition tend to become more severe as the dentition develops. By intervening and taking action to correct malocclusions early, the need for further treatment can be significantly reduced and even eliminated.

Developed in close collaboration with clinicians, the new My LM-Activator™ product line has been enhanced with optimized dimensions and advanced features for user-friendliness and comfort.

My LM-Activator™ represents a leap forward in our dedication to providing high quality orthodontic solutions for growing patients.

  • When the teeth are changing, My LM-Activator™ gently guides the teeth and jaw towards a healthy growth.
  • My LM-Activator™ aligns teeth, activates mandibular growth and expands the arch perimeter in mixed dentition.
  • My LM-Activator™ provides comprehensive three-dimensional occlusion control. It corrects and aligns sagittal and vertical relationships simultaneously – no separate phases of treatment are needed.
Discover enhanced features in My LM-Activator™

My LM-Activator™ presents an overall streamlined and lightweight design improving fit and comfort for the patient. It allows more space for the canines and for development of the upper arch and jaw.

A harmonized design over the size range makes it even easier to fi nd a good fit for your patient. The ultimate high-gloss finish is combined with the superior
wear comfort
that LM-Activator™ is well known for.

The improved thickness profile of
the occlusal plane
enables vertical
control, empowering the development of optimal occlusal conditions in mixed dentition.

Seamless transition for current LM-Activator™ users

My LM-Activator™ has been developed in close cooperation with existing LM-Activator™ users and orthodontic specialists with long clinical experience of LM-Activator™ use. All design and feature improvements are based on the needs and insights of these experts.

As the treatment principles remain unchanged, current LM-Activator™ users can seamlessly transition to the My LM-Activator™.

The new product line includes all well-established and the most commonly-used models and sizes, enabling a gradual simplification of the LM-Activator™ product assortment.

The My LM-Activator™ silicone aligner and activator, available from June 2024, is a new product with optimized dimensions and advanced features. My LM-Activator™ provides a simple and gentle orthodontic treatment method for young patients in mixed dentition, effectively correcting various types of malocclusions.

LM-Dental™ introduces the new, enhanced My LM-Activator™ appliance for early orthodontic treatment

Early orthodontic treatment aims to detect malocclusions at an early stage and stop their development. The silicone eruption guidance appliance has been specifically developed for the needs of early orthodontic treatment. It guides a child’s erupting teeth and jaw growth as well as widens dental arches. Eruption guidance appliance is mainly used at night, says Professor Emeritus Juha Varrela.

Linear sizing and selection

My LM-Activator™ is an off-the-shelf solution, very convenient for your patients. No dental imprints or scanning, no laboratory processing or custom-made appliances. The new product line includes all well-established and the most commonly-used models and sizes. Introducing the modern, vibrant new box with four luminous colors that reflect our company’s values and brand identity.

My LM-Activator™ is the new product line of LM-Activator™. With streamlined and lightweight design combined with further optimized features and morphology it is continuing the established path of LM-Activator™. Experience both enhanced comfort and optimized fi t in the new My LM-Activator™. The most common models and sizes for your patient are easy to find.

The model features are: Low and High. These are available with shorter or longer molar sections: Short and Long. The appliances are combinations of these features. The choice of model should always be based on an examination and diagnosis done by or under supervision of a specialist in orthodontic treatment.

My LM-Activator™ Low Short

My LM-Activator™ Low Long

My LM-Activator™ High Short

My LM-Activator™ High Long

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