Benefits for a dentist


Corrects malocclusions effectively

  • Corrects typical malocclusions like excess Overjet, excess Overbite, Deep bite, Open bite, Class II and dental anterior Crossbite. Sagittal and vertical relationships can be corrected simultaneously.
  • Prevents the malocclusion from developing further
  • Can significantly reduce the need for further treatment
  • Clinically and scientifically proven

Our results showed distinct improvements in overjet, overbite, sagittal molar relationship, and crowding in the treated subjects.”

Myrlund R., et al. One year treatment effects of the eruption guidance appliance in 7- to 8-year -old children: a randomized clinical trial. European Journal of Orthodontics, 2015:37(2):128-134.

Cost-effective treatment method

Reduced treatment complexity enabling increased savings and time saved for treating more patients.

  • Convenient assortment of models
  • Affordable appliance
  • Treatment can be started immediately
  • Light on chair-times as check-ups are short and not that frequent.
  • The clinical work does not require full involvement by orthodontists.

Does the use of LM-Activator™ help in reducing the overall costs of treatment?

“Yes, absolutely. Patients using the appliance need to attend appointments rarely, and the appointments are usually quick and brief. In addition, follow-up appointments can be taken care of by different professionals and do not always require a dentist. The costs of LM-Activator™ are low: if the appliance is used correctly, the patient may not need other expensive orthodontic treatments in the future. LM-Activator™ can help prevent malocclusion from getting worse, and the treatment results are usually good and, according to research studies, also stable.”

Minna-Maria Tervonen, dentist-in-charge, DDS, Specialist in Orthodontics
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