LM-Activator™ is a prefabricated appliance for growing patients. It acts as a guide to correct the changing teeth and growing jaws and developing malocclusions. The ideal time for treatment with LM-Activator is an early mixed dentition when first teeth are changing.

With LM-Activator™ alignment, leveling and anteroposterior correction can be done at the same time without separate phases. A large assortment of models makes it possible to select the appropriate appliance for the patient. Treatment complexity for both the clinician and the patient can be reduced.

LM-Activator™ is developed and made in Finland. Using medical grade silicone means that the appliance is safe, flexible by nature, and comfortable for the patient while being also a very hygienic option. LM-Activator™ is removable and mainly used during the night.

Key benefits

  • Supports healthy development of teeth and jaw
  • Corrects typical malocclusions in young patients effectively
  • Prevents malocclusions from becoming more severe
  • Cost-effective treatment

How does LM-Activator™ work?

  • LM-Activator™ acts as a guide towards the correct position and place. Teeth and jaws are guided into correct positions and relation while teeth are changing in early mixed dentition.
  • The forces of erupting teeth and the growth are utilized. The light and interceptive treatment supports the natural growth and development of teeth and jaws, and malocclusions are corrected.
  • LM-Activator™ can be used at different ages. When the first milk tooth falls out, the opportunities for guiding both the teeth and jaws are wide.
  • LM-Activator™ corrects and aligns sagittal and vertical relationships simultaneously – no separate phases are needed. The occlusion can be controlled in a 3-dimensional way.

See more on the video “How does LM-Activator™ work?”