LM-Activator™ International Hands-on course

A Practical Approach to LM-Activator™ Eruption Guidance Appliances

November 24–25, 2023 in Caserta, Italy

In this clinical course you will get practical guidance into working with LM-Activator™ Eruption Guidance Appliances in treating different kinds of malocclusions in early mixed dentition. You will get insight into how the appliance is working and there will also be real cases with patients.

This course is suitable for participants who are familiar with treating patients with eruption guidance appliances and who would like to get more in depth understanding of the possibilities of treating with LM-Activator™ together with practical, clinical guidance. The program consists of both theoretical background and clinical cases with patients at Dr. Pellegrino’s clinic. The diagnosis and treatment plan is discussed for each case. In addition, Dr. Pellegrino will demonstrate the diagnosis and the selection of the appliance with actual patients at the clinic.

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